about me
Duo – Krapf/Berki

Isabella Krapf My earliest childhood was always surrounded by music. My mother who was a music teacher and head of a Beethoven society sent me to music school for my piano lessons.

When I was 8 I found a diatonic harmonica under the Christmas tree and I started to play immediately. I only had troubles with the „Blue Danube Waltz“ and so my parents bought me a chromatic harmonica for my 10th Birthday. I was so happy with that instrument that I never played on a diatonic harmonica again.

Through the years I took lessons in Jazz piano, singing, percussions and trumpet but for me it was quite clear that the harmonica was my instrument.

After graduation day I was a student of musicology and philsophy but then all I aimed for was to play harmonica, teach harmonica, research into
harmonica and to make the harmonica popular again.
I believe to be on the right track to give this smallest concert instrument
in the world a new chance.